Why we started Fanmoji (And, in a way, our FAQs page).

We started Fanmoji because we had a question about emojis, (you’ve probably asked it yourself):

Why aren’t there emojis for this thing I like, or this place I’m from?

To get the really dull bit out of the way, it’s a technical question. Emojis are governed by the Unicode Consortium, essentially so they remain characters that can be read on every single device (phone, tablet and so on), just like the letter ‘a’ or ’t’. So you can’t just make your own.

So, yeah, pretty dull and disappointing.

The solution: Fanmoji hopefully :-).

You can, however, make stickers instead. Add them to a keyboard app and let users add them to their phones. You’ve been able to do this for a while on Android phones, but only pretty recently on iPhones, which really is why it’s started happening a lot.

Brands from Burger King to Ikea have gotten involved, and even the Pope has released Popemojis.

But they’re not the same as emojis are they?

Not exactly no. Stickers are images, and yes, they’re bigger. And while bigger isn’t always better, in this case it’s actually an exciting difference. It means you can do other stuff, make more detailed stickers, make them more entertaining than a simple smiley face, and that’s why Fanmoji is teaming up with great illustrators on all of the packs we’re making. We want them to mean something, but retain the idea behind emojis - fun, easy to use, and a useful and quick way to express yourself.

And, we like to call them emoji stickers.

There’s still no emoji stickers for the thing that I like?

Hopefully it’s in our schedule, and coming soon, but maybe it’s not. Why not email us on support@fanmoji.co.uk and tell us what you’d like to see emoji stickers of.

When’s your first Fanmoji app out?

What a thoughtful question, thanks. It’s out now. It’s called Britmoji, and is currently available on the App Store, here: apple.co/1VSqpKd

Yep, it does what it says on the tin. It’s for Brits, and visitors, who want to emote like a Brit! Cups of tea, pieces of cake, sport, the Queen and Shakespeare all feature.

Are you planning anything else?

As well as loads of new emoji sticker apps over the next few months, we’ll also be improving the keyboard adding more features and making the way it works better and slicker. If you’ve any ideas on what you’d like to see, of course, let us know on support@fanmoji.co.uk

The Fanmoji Team!