The Britmoji Premier League Preview (with a mention of rugby too).

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We can all look at the Premier League fixtures on any website (well maybe not, just yet) so there’s little point in us just telling you that information again. Here we give the alternative Britmoji guide to the weekend’s football.

Sure, you might need to know that all the Premier League team football shirts are available as stickers in Britmoji so you can send them to your mates in chat, but we’d much rather focus on how else you might end up using them this sporting weekend.

Team most likely to make you scream goal, and then of course send the Goal Britmoji to someone:

Well it’s a fixture rather than a team really. Sunderland face Newcastle at lunchtime on Sunday (if you still have your lunch around the time they did in 1924, it’s at 12pm), a clash of two teams that can’t really defend. Or really can’t defend, depending on the way you look at it. They’ve both conceded 19 in the league, the second worst (behind Norwich, who’ve leaked 20), and the black and white half of the north-east even proved they could score goals last weekend too, when they hit 6 of those 20 Norwich have shipped. In the main both sides look disorganised, which usually leads to mistakes, which usually leads to goals.

Match most likely to see the use of the Luv U Britmoji:

It's not even a fan love-in on this occasion, but a player love-in. Aston Villa against Swansea could pit brothers Jordan and Andre Ayew against each other. No matter what scrapes they get into, the familiar parental refrain: “now, you don’t hate your brother really do you?” could well ring true. Andre’s definitely had the better start of the two brothers in England, but has gone off the boil a bit since grabbing four goals in his fledgling Swansea career. Could sibling rivalry spark them both into form?

Fans most likely to be breaking out the Pub Based Britmojis:

Got to be West Brom. As Stoke fans summarised it; we got a little sick of watching Tony Pulis defend a narrow defeat. Despite the win against Sunderland last week, there’s been little evidence of them bringing heart-warming and exciting play to the party this season. Could be another turgid affair. They might not lose to Norwich, but they won’t be letting off any fireworks (I know, a week too early at least). You may well get a “Let’s go to the pub” Britmoji from a West Brom fan this Saturday.

Manager most likely to inspire the use of the Smiley Face Britmojis:

Any of the Britmojis below could sum up Jurgen Klopp’s demeanour, let’s face it, you don’t even need to look at a fixture list to see who Liverpool are playing. Klopp’s on permanent happy mode at the moment.

Manager(s) most likely to inspire the use of Sad and Crying Britmojis:

Got to be Jose and Slaven in the London clash between West Ham and Chelsea. Nobody likes Chelsea right now (just right now) according to Jose, who’s sporting a very hangdog look. Contrast that to Slaven Bilic who seems to be sporting a very hangdog look (no matter the good form for West Ham), and you take our point.


Britmojis to pack away this weekend:

Let’s face it, you aren’t going to get as much use out of your rugby Britmojis this week, unless it’s to emotionally dredge up what might have been. So pack these ones away for a few weeks at least. Maybe get them out just to look at them occasionally and pour over your regrets! There’s always a whisky Britmoji if you need it!