5 Ways to Prepare Yourself For SPECTRE

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The 5 things you need to know to prepare yourself adequately for SPECTRE, the latest James Bond movie, that hit cinemas this week!

Our handy guide, tells you what to expect, and how to use your Britmojis to get the best out of the movie.

1 - Have your English & London checklist at the ready:

The film predictably sees Bond jetting around the world visiting Mexico, Austria, Morocco and Italy among others this time, but London is a constant hub of action throughout, so expect to see plenty of these:

2 - Be prepared to LOL:

Film critic of some repute, Mark Kermode, has noted that the film has more laugh-out-loud moments than previous bond films. So with Bond being such a British institution you’d better make sure you’re ready to LOL like a true Brit!

3 - Order a drink:

It’s not just Bond ordering the fancy drinks in this latest film, look out for Dr Madeline Swann as well. But your own refreshment is of great importance if you’re to ensure you’re as relaxed as possible for the full-blown action to come! Long gone are the days of giant vat of Coke being you’re only option at the cinema. So, depending on your tastes, and your venue, you could be gently nudging you mate in the queue, with the following suggestions:

4 - Agree with Jasper Carrot:

Keep reading it makes sense. For some reason, Google has decided that Jasper Carrot’s ‘review’ of SPECTRE, is the most important of all right now. Carrot’s take on the Premiere he attended (in Birmingham naturally, not London) was that “all the right people got killed” and to paraphrase, that he’d give it 4 carrots out of 5. You might not express it in the same terms, but it’s likely that you’ll have a similar overall opinion, but perhaps tell your mates in these ways:

5- Be prepared for fireworks:

Not just hearing them every night for the next two weeks, but naturally because SPECTRE is a Bond movie, and very possibly Daniel Craig’s swansong, the action is going to be memorable. So celebrate the explosions with glee, and remember Daniel, we love you! Don’t go!

So how do I get all these amazing images on my phone's keyboard?

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