Top 5 ways to annoy the Grinch in your life this Christmas.

So, Christmas is getting pretty close, but for every five people you know who are getting more and more excited by the day, and pretty much gave up working as soon as December started, there’s the miserable bugger grumbling about the increased levels of joviality they’re being forced to encounter each and every day.

There’s no point in trying to cajole them towards joy, Christmas Lovers! Give up! It’s merely pandering to their Grinch-like desire to appear aloof!

If it annoys you that they like Christmas so little, then fight back, and annoy them with quite how much you love it.

Here’s our top 5 ways to annoy the Grinch in your life.

1: XMASMOJI the bejesus out of them - using the Xmasmoji app.

Send Xmasmojis to them in every single text or WhatsApp you exchange from now until the New Year. Sure we’re a little bit biased as we built the app, but it works!

Peppering every message exchange you have with them with trumping sprouts, smiling faces with mince pies for eyes, happy Rudolphs or snowmen blowing kisses could well send them over the edge.

How do I do this you say? Well you download our Xmasmoji app of course.

iPhone here:

Android here:

2: Dubsmash them Christmas songs everyday.

This is pretty natural behaviour for a festive-fun lover. If you up the sincerity level to ridiculous, you can see how it’d grate on a Grinch.

3: Go big on Christmas lights.

Nothing annoys a neighbouring Grinch like playing on their perceived tackiness of over-the-top Christmas lights. We think this community spirited Christmas lover has it down. If your target Grinch doesn't like Star Wars either, then your work is done.

4: Wrap up everything.

Mainly their desk at work.

"For he who hates Christmas, must loathe the additional expense of paper designer purely to be torn up and thrown away." Source: Classic Xmas factual reading.

5: Pretend everything they pass you is the best present ever.

Can you pass me the stapler?


Then just pretend it's an N64... easily done.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how to defeat a Grinch!

Remember, if you download Xmasmoji, we can keep bringing you hugely helpful guides like this to get you through life at these difficult times.