Give your emoji game a Christmas makeover with Xmasmoji!

Our Xmasmoji app may be the best way to give your emoji game a Christmas makeover, and ensure there's plenty of festive cheer in your chat.

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You can now give your emoji game a Christmas makeover, thanks to British startup Fanmoji and their new app Xmasmoji.

Xmasmoji gets right into the Christmas spirit, with over 100 festive emojis stickers for you to use in chat apps like iMessage and WhatsApp.

The app allows people to celebrate Christmas in a highly entertaining and fun way, with all our favourite emojis getting in on the act. Face with tears of joy has donned a Christmas hat, smiling with heart eyes has swapped hearts for mince pies, and face throwing a kiss naturally has the mistletoe out. The Christmas pudding is unimpressed by the whole thing, and there’s even a surprised sprout (doing what you might expect a sprout emoji to be doing)!

Alongside regular favourites there’s a whole host of new, festive emojis, including a series of snowmen, Santas and Rudolphs, as well as all the Christmas essentials from turkey and stuffing to tinsel, hats and of course those guests crackers bring to every Christmas dinner: mini screwdrivers!  There are even stickers for the important Christmas countdown.

Xmasmoji integrates into a user’s keyboard on their mobile phone, allowing them to easily send the high-quality stickers to their friends and family well into the New Year!

Fanmoji founder Tim Webber said: “Yes, there are a few Christmas emojis in the standard emoji set, but people were getting so excited by the festive season across social media that we decided we could go one better and produce a whole range of Christmas emoji stickers to make the weeks leading up to the day even more Christmassy!”

He added: “Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho……Merry Christmas!”

Xmasmoji is the follow-up to Fanmoji’s first app, Britmoji, a emoji sticker keyboard application of 125+ British Stickers (featuring everything from Shakespeare and the Queen to a cup of tea and a biscuit), which was named one of Apple’s Best New Apps in October.

The Xmasmoji app is available for iPhone in the App Store and in Google Play for Android users for £1.49.