This Week: The Northern Design Festival

The 2016 Northern Design Festival is well on its way, the 10 day event takes place in Newcastle and Gateshead from the 7th -16th October and this years theme asks the question ‘where do ideas come from?’. Over a line-up of many events, exhibitions, talks and workshops they seek to uncover how ‘ideas evolve into the furniture, products, posters, brands and buildings which surround us every day’. So if you’re a creative yourself or just love beautiful designs we suggest sinking your teeth into this one, definitely not to be missed! 

It's created by Design Event, an organisation set up in 2005 to promote and support designers in the north of England. A greatest entity to this project is there mission to promote and support up and coming designers local to the area with the predominant aim of positioning the north of England as a hotbed of design talent. Why aye man! They also showcase existing work by established designers, such as Alan Kitching’s and Vaughan Oliver’s artwork for the new Pixies album, Head Carrier.

  The artwork for US band Pixies' new album, Head Carrier, has been designed by County Durham-born artist, Vaughan Oliver and will be exhibited as part of the Northern Design Event in October

Karen Nairstone, director of Design Event, said: “This year’s festival explores the creative inspiration behind the things that surround us every day. It’s a theme that relates to us all. Whether you work or study in the industry or just love good design, there’s something for everyone.

“Once again we have some stunning hidden gem venues in Newcastle city centre, including our festival hub, The Assembly House (55 Westgate Road), and Cooper’s Studios – perfect backdrops against which to showcase the best in contemporary design.”

Overall, the festival is a great celebration to designer and the North of England itself, it breaks up a somewhat London focused arts calendar, exhibiting designs from a wide variety of local makers, and lots of big name designers, many of whom most likely learned while studying in the area so it makes it extra special.

The Northern Design Festival is running in various locations across Newcastle until 16 October. For more information, head here.