Top 5 Events Next Week: Ireland

As the month slowly draws to a close, we’re making the most of what’s left of the Oktoberfest celebrations and are really getting into the spirit of Halloween! Whether you’re in the mood to slay zombies or indulge in a few fine German beers - here are our top 5 picks for the week ahead. 


1. Poltergeists of Kells

  Photo By: Felipe112233

Photo By: Felipe112233

A terrifying walk around Kells, focused on the Satanic and Demonic forces at work. Followed by real life stories and a panel discussion by some of the best Paranormal Investigators and Demonologists in Ireland. There will also be a virtual tour of Lorraine Warrens museum of the paranormal on a big screen. Lorraine and her late husband Ed, have been to Amityville and famously tamed Annabelle - the inspiration behind The Conjuring franchise.

Where: 1 Church Street, Kells, Ireland

When: Sunday 23rd October 

Price: €21.46

2. Oktoberfest Beag 2016

  Photo By: Bayreuth2009

Photo By: Bayreuth2009

Taste a selection of specially brewed Oktoberfest beers from Munich's finest breweries - all aligning with the German Purity Law for beer. With an eclectic mix of entertainment each night, this is an event not to be missed!

Where: King John's Castle, Nicholas Street, Limerick, Ireland

When: Thursday 27th October 

Price: €13.47


3. Zombiegeddon

  Photo By: Gage Skidmore

Photo By: Gage Skidmore

Ever wanted to slay some zombies? Well now you can! The mission: you are the last of the living and are charged with locating the antidote to save mankind. Make your way through the a graveyard and zombie occupied village of Knocknagalliagh, where you will come face to face with the undead!

Where: Redhills Adventure Kildare, Knocknagalliagh, Kildare, Ireland

When: Friday 28th October 

Price: €14.00 + fees


4. The Entertainer

Purpose-written for the great Laurence Olivier, The Entertainer was a work of brilliance, far ahead of its time. Observe the seedy glamour of post-war Britain in this ground-breaking look behind closed doors. This broadcast cinema event is sure to stay with you long after the lights have come up. 

Where: Market Square, Green St, Smithfield, Dublin 7, Ireland

When: Thursday 27th October 

Price: €17.50



5. Halloween at Powerscourt - Nightmares on Wax

There is nothing quite like a Halloween party at Powerscourt; one of Dublin's most unique venues. Marshall Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of house music, will play a 3 hour classic house music set in the vaults of Pygmalion this Halloween.

Where: Pygmalion, 2 Coppinger Row, Dublin 2, Ireland

When: Sunday 30th October 

Price: €25.00 + fees



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