Brumoji Vote: Phrases


As barmy as it sounds the B’ham lingo doesn’t come from nowhere, everything has its own origin and in a bid to help you decide what phrase needs to be added to our Brumoji app we've put this together for ya!

The question on a lot of our lips will be, what exactly are these Brummie so and so's saying? well for those who don't know we're going to find out where they came from (and for those who do know can correct us if we’re wrong). The chosen phrase will be joining the likes of Bostin’, Sweating Cobs and Ta Ra in the first release. So don't waste your vote, it's clearly very important.

‘The Outdoor’

Our first phrase is ‘the outdoor’; to put it in a sentence “popping down the outdoor”, still can’t figure it out? Outdoor is a local term for off-licence, (corner shop). The phrase 'I'm just popping to the outdoor' has often baffled people from other places understandably. However when the person saying it invariably returns with a tinny plastic carrier bag full of booze should be a bit of a giveaway though. Is this phrase worthy of an emoji sticker?

Brummie Translation:

Before: Just going to head down the road to the off license to get some milk and bread

Brummie Translation: Just goin ter hed down the road to the outdoor to get sum milk an' noggin.


'Blarting' is more recognisable Brum word, it simply means crying or sobbing and comes from an older saying ‘bleating of sheep’, trying to suggest your cry is so horrendous it resembles a sheep’s bleat. Lovely. Does this word make the cut for you?

Brummie Translation

Before: He’s crying again because Aston Villa lost.

Brummie Translation: He’s blarting again because Aston Villa lost.

'Got a Cob On'

Got a Cob On is the final option in our poll; the phrase is used to describe someone who is grumpy or sulking, similar to 'being in an arse', 'having a mard' or just basically being a miserable, pissed off so and so. The phrase has an uncertain origin, one speculation is that cob means a hard-crusted roll, and if we get 'hardened' we get angry. Anyone else suddenly hungry? 

Brummie Translation

Before: Stop sulking Karen, Dave was a waste of space and you know it!

Brummie translation: You got a cob on Karen? Dave was a waste of space an' yaouw knoo it!

Well well well, we hope our efforts to try summarise these classic B'ham sayings will help in your decision making, perhaps made it even harder...SORRY! 

Have your say and vote for your Chosen phrase here!