London Cocktail Week!

If you don’t know, now you know, an entire week as been dedicated to drinking cocktails, how revolutionary! We’re well in the midst of London Cocktail Week; the event has been running since the 3rd of October and finished on the 9th, so only a few more days left of guilt free cocktail drinking. The event is on its seventh year and at its biggest, celebrating the capital’s fantastic cocktail scene. More than 200 bars are involved, offering drink specials and throwing wild parties so get your pass here for only a tenner. Bargs! The week long jamboree for cocktails comes from DrinkUp.London, they’re not just known for LCW, they also host London Beer Week and London Wine Week, these guys really know there stuff so we’re in safe hands folks.

The festival is three days down already, so with only a few left we’d suggest making your to your nearest bar in your lunch break and find the very best events in London signed up to the festival. They haven’t just picked out any old thing; they’ve been carefully cherry-picked from thousands to ensure only the best for London and it’s abysmal drinking habits. The pass is more like a golden ticket into the cocktail world; giving you access to all kinds of extravagances, like £5 cocktails (we’re sold already), free entry to loads of special events, discounted tasting sessions among other adventures. 

The centre of all the festivities is held at Old Spitalfiels Market. They have over 40 pop ups bars for you to drink yourselves under the table at, every drink costs only a fiver, for a cocktail in London that’s a ruddy good deal! The biggest names in the booze business come out to play, just remember to line your stomach with a big meal and drink water along the way and you’ll be totally fine, nobody wants to fall at the first hurdle!

If I were you I'd get a pass ASAP, its thursday after all which is practically Friday!