A few things about Welshmoji

We recently emailed everyone who gave us their email addresses when they participated in the Welshmoji poll to ask them a few more questions about the app. We were once again overwhelmed by the response. Diolch! We thought it’d be good to tell you what decisions we made based on your feedback.


So, we’ve decided based on what you said to go for a special launch price of £1 million!

Not really, of course. It’ll be 79p. Yes, we agree 99p seems a more sensible price, but Apple has pricing tiers, and the lowest one is 79p, but then it jumps to £1.49.

The standard emojis are “free” because they’re part of your mobile handset and the network cost you pay. So they’re just part of the phone as a whole, which isn’t free. Unless you got it in a way you shouldn’t have done ;-)

Unfortunately, we have to pay for people (techies, marketing people and so on), hosting/server costs etc, so have to charge a small amount otherwise we’ll not be around for too long! (And of course Apple and Google take a slice of the pie!)

What you get

Ours is an emoji sticker app. The images are much bigger (see the sneak previews below), but that allows us to do much more with the detail, make them much nicer, and of course include things like words and phrases (‘Tidy’, ‘Lush’ etc) that you couldn’t otherwise get in tiny emoji form.

Here’s a sneak preview of the app store submission page:

When you download the app, you’ll get 95 Welshmojis straight off the bat. When you share (hit the share button in the keyboard), you’ll get 15 more immediately. Once we have 5000 users (or Welshmoji-ers as we should probably call you), you’ll all get the rest (which I think is about 30 more!).

You’ll be able to see which ones these are by the ‘Share to Unlock’ and ‘Bonus’ labels.

Reviews & feedback

We’d love it if you could give us a good review when the app comes out. That way more people will see the app, as it gets higher in the rankings.

If you have any problems or feedback, please email us on support@fanmoji.co.uk, that way we can get back to you. We can’t reply to anything in the App Store, so can’t help you out or explain anything you’re finding annoying.

The app is launching tomorrow, on St David's Day, and we are super excited to bring you it!