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Ask anyone who has ever been part of a small startup and they'll tell you two of the hardest things of such a venture are raising investment and getting seen and heard when you don't have money to spend on PR, marketing and so on. So we're giddy with excitement that we've been covered by two major outlets this week. 

Our TV debut came on Monday night when Heno, the magazine programme that is broadcast on S4C every weeknight at 7pm, covered our Welshmoji poll on Monday night. Not only does it show off what we've been working on as well as some of the team members, it also launched our poll to get Welsh people involved in deciding what should go in the first Welshmoji release. 

You can watch the full clip below (footage courtesy of Heno, Tinopolis / S4C.

And then today, the lovely people from Wales Online covered the story as well. What's the most exciting about this coverage is the fact that their community isn't backwards about coming forwards... There's already been some fiery debate as well as impassioned pleas for what people want to see in the first ever pack of Welshmojis.

There's still time to get involved, so don't delay and get voting for your favourites right now!