Scotmoji is LIVE! {Press release}

The wait for a Scottish emoji flag has gone on long enough. Fanmoji is here to help with Scotmoji; a brand new app, available on iPhone and Android.

The Scottish flag, hearts in Scottish colours, a Scottish rugby ball and football, castles, bridges, Nessie and kilts - Scotmoji is an app featuring well over 100 Scottish emoji stickers, each one lovingly crafted by our illustrator Kayleigh Dempster from Ayrshire.



Scotmoji will allow you to bring your love of Scotland to your iMessage, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts chats in a big, bold way.

You can also post Scotmojis to Twitter and Facebook.

You can Scot-up your messages with Scotmoji’s incredibly detailed stickers featuring everything you love about Scotland. Whether it’s sport or landmarks such as Stirling Castle or the Falkirk Wheel, haggis or square sausage, or classic phrases like “Aye” or “Pure Dead Brilliant”, we’ve got you covered. You can even show your emotion through famous Scottish faces!

Tim Webber, Fanmoji founder, said:

"Scotland suffered a bit of a disservice when the flag was left out of the standard emoji set, that everyone has, so we thought first of all about remedying that problem. As soon as we starting putting down ideas, and got Kayleigh on board to illustrate them, we quickly realised that we were going to need at least 100 to get anywhere near doing Scotland justice. Scotland’s history has so much character and such a strong sense of identity that a whole set of emojis stickers seemed like a great idea. And of course Scotmoji seemed like the obvious name.”

“We ran a poll earlier in the month letting the people of Scotland vote on the final few things that should be in the first release of the app, and the response was amazing. Hopefully we’ve done a good job of representing the country; we certainly realise it’s an idea people are interested in.”

“We asked some of those people more questions about the app, and thanks to their feedback and the great support we’ve received so far, we’ve decided to drop the launch price from £1.49 to £0.79, in the hope that more people can get the Scotmoji app this way.

You’ll get 90 Scotmojis immediately when you download the app. And, because we see this as something for the country as a whole, which we hope people will share with their friends and family, we’ve included a whole bunch of bonus Scotmojis too. As soon as you share the app, you’ll get another 20 Scotmojis, and when we hit 10,000 downloads you’ll all unlock the rest of the bonus stickers together.”

“We’ve been blown away by the support we’ve had, and hope we’ve done a good first job. We will continue to work hard on updates and improvements if people show they want them.”

Illustrator Kayleigh Dempster said:

"I hope people will love these new emoji stickers (Scotmojis). Scotland needed its own set of emoji stickers to be represented fairly! Scottish people love their individuality and Scottishness and it's cool that we can now add a Scottish touch to our messages!”

“It’s been great working on the project, and I love Fanmoji’s ethos of working with a local illustrator to make sure we show the authentic side of Scotland.”

“I'm super excited by the launch, and can't wait to see everyone's reaction to the set. My favourite is still the Scottie dog, he's just too cute.”

How to get the app on your phone (it only takes a few taps):


Search Scotmoji in the App Store and download. (Or click here!) 

Open the app and the tutorial will take you through it.

If you want to jump ahead, you go to Settings>General>Keyboard

Tap Keyboards

Tap Add New Keyboard

Tap Scotmoji>Tap Scotmoji again and “allow full access”

Open iMessage or WhatsApp and hold down the globe button in the corner to switch between your keyboards.

Then enjoy!


Search Scotmoji in Google Play and download.  Or click here

Open the app and the tutorial will take you through it, and help you add the Scotmoji keyboard to your phone. A few taps and it’s done.

To access Scotmoji once it’s installed, switch between your standard keyboard and Scotmoji. (This process differs on various versions of Android phones.)

Scotmoji screenshots

Notes to editors:

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