Happy Birthday Ma'am

Today is a historic day for Britain as Her Majesty The Queen turns 90 years old. Reaching the ripe age of 90 is an achievement in itself, add that to being the leader of a country and an international public figurehead for more than half your life and you have, what can only be described as an extraordinary human being.

When someone is as famous as The Queen, the paparazzi can snap some interesting pictures of them, and no celebrity can get away from cringe worthy images of themselves floating around the internet, not even The Queen.

Here at Fanmoji we celebrate the many faces of The Queen and have even had some of them made into stickers so you can share them with your friends in celebration of The Queen's 90th birthday bash. Download the Britmoji set here to celebrate this special occasion.

Laughing Queen

There are no shortages of laughs in The Queen's reign, with many pictures taken of her showing her face lit up with laughter. Sometimes we wonder what Price Philip said to make her laugh so much as they are usually pictured having a giggle together. 

Smiling Queen

Smiling comes naturally to her, even though it is part of her job. When The Queen smiles, she doesn't hold back, with a wide and toothy smile, her sense of humour and love of life shows in her face when she smiles for both events and in everyday life. 

Sad Queen

Just like her smiles, The Queen pulls off a really good sad face too. Teeth tucked away, her facial expression is sombre and quiet. 

Crying Queen

When The Queen cries, she does it in a regal manner. No ugly red face and nose leaks for her. We wonder if the Royal Family are taught how to cry pretty?

Crazy Queen

With a still lively sense of humour at the age of 90, The Queen still enjoys the odd playful shenanigan here and there. One of the most viral of these incidents was when she photo bombed a selfie two hockey players were taking at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre. You cheeky Queen you!

Not Impressed Queen

The good old, "I am not impressed" look that The Queen gives is priceless. Ranging from serious face and tight lips to the over the top, lips curled down look, she really knows how to show people without saying a word that things are not good enough for her standards. 

So happy birthday to you Ma'me, we admire your many interesting and wacky faces.