You'll never believe the secrets hidden in the Cliffs of Moher

They're one of the most famous landmarks of the Emerald Isle, but can you impress at a pub quiz with your Cliffs of Moher knowledge? Read on for 4 incredibly impressive facts about Ireland's most visited attraction.

They are old

The Cliffs of Moher are about 320 MILLION years old (older than St. Pat himself). 

Who was the hag?

Possibly one of the most well known legends surrounding the cliffs is that of the hag. According to legend, an old hag named Mal fell in love with the Irish hero, Cú Chulainn (as one does) and chased him across Ireland. Needless to say Cú Chulainn made a dash for it by hopping across sea stacks like they were stepping stones. Mal, trying to catch him, lost her balance and fell to her death from the cliff (sounds like a Shakespearian love tragedy if you ask us!). 

The cliffs have had more screen time than Colin Farrell!

Featuring as the backdrop for movies, TV series, music videos and even adverts, the cliffs are not camera shy!  Starring in Hollywood hits like Harry Potter and The Princess Bride, Westlife’s ‘My Love’ music video and of course the Irish classic, Father Ted.

It’s all in the name

In ancient Gaelic, the word Mothar means “ruined fort”, and a 1st century BC fort stood where Moher tower is now. Although there is no trace remaining of this two thousand year old fort, it has given a name to the cliffs which are visited annually by almost one million visitors.

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