5 reasons why you can’t miss the Gower Festival!

There are only five days left of the Gower Festival and considering it sold out last year, you better be quick if you want to jump on this year’s Gower Fest bandwagon. That not enough for ya? Well here are five top reasons why you NEED to go..

1.  It’s amazingly scenic.

  Pic: Gower Festival Website (http://bit.ly/1m8Tumb)

Pic: Gower Festival Website (http://bit.ly/1m8Tumb)

Oh yes, drink it in eyes, drink it in. The Gower Festival boasts 14 different locations in and around the beautiful Swansea Bay area so if you get bored of one (yeah, as if) you’ve got 13 bayside spots to sample. So if you’re going to forget anything, make sure it’s not your swim suit…

2. It’s their 40th Anniversary!

  Pic:   Kimberly Vardeman (  http://bit.ly/29JGgw3)

Pic: Kimberly Vardeman (http://bit.ly/29JGgw3)

The Gower Festival was started all the way back in 1976 by a cellist from Oxford, and a student orchestra. Reviews have been great so far, so they’ll certainly have something to party about!

3. Learn something...for once!

 Pic: Schubert Ensemble ( http://bit.ly/29uuQe4)

Pic: Schubert Ensemble (http://bit.ly/29uuQe4)

Apart from age old heritage, (each venue is a church) you will also discover more about Welsh musicians and culture, with the chance to catch massive international bands such as the Schubert Ensemble and Trio Isimsiz for example.

4. It’s a truly international festival.

Fans come from all around the world to enjoy Welsh heritage, music and dance in its birth town. So you can enjoy your festival with people from all around the globe!

5. It’s a work of art.

Over everything, you want to be aesthetically pleased, and the Gower Festival hardly falters. Throughout all 14 venues you will be immersed in a wonderland of art, beauty and the odd priceless artefact...just try not to break anything.



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