Why you need to go to Hebridean Celtic Festival.

The amazingly beautiful Lews Castle is lit up once a year by traditional, home grown, Irish musicians as the Hebridean Celtic Festival rolls into town. The programme also features international superstars who come to embrace the Celtic pride. Hebridean Celtic Fest  is definitely not one to miss, and considering that this is their biggest year yet, it’s one you HAVE to go to. But, if that's not enough..here’s five more reasons to turn up.

1. The setting. 

   Pic: Stornoway Harbour (   http://bit.ly/29FnTcT   )

Pic: Stornoway Harbour (http://bit.ly/29FnTcT)

The festival is a stone's throw (ouch) away from Stornoway harbour. This makes this festival one of the most scenic in Ireland. It is also considered to be an amazingly family friendly festival! With such a beautiful part of the UK being so close, it would be rude not to go..

2. The music.

  Pic: Hebridean Celtic Festival Website (  http://bit.ly/29AtG0e)

Pic: Hebridean Celtic Festival Website (http://bit.ly/29AtG0e)

Only the best traditional musicians, from all around the globe, turn up at the Hebridean Celtic festival (but don’t worry, only the ones invited get to play!) Be amazed by the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and Runrig, as gaelic stars return home. Disappear for a couple of days, get to feel the warmth of local’s Celtic pride and immerse yourself in authentic gaelic life.

3. The community. 

All staff are volunteers at this festival, which gives you an idea of the strength of this community. This event has thrived on the spirit of that community, enabling it to be an annual event since 1996. So yes, that means that this is the festival's 20th anniversary!

4. They have a new app!

  Pic: Hibridean Celtic Festival (   http://bit.ly/29Awmeu   )

Pic: Hibridean Celtic Festival (http://bit.ly/29Awmeu)

Prepare and plan for the perfect trip! These guys upped their technological game with a brand new app! Get notifications and in depth descriptions of what, who and when they will be performing, great idea for 2016!

5. The variety...

One thing that sets this festival apart from others is its plethora of different activities. Start your morning with a workout, while the kids play sports, then move on to a lunchtime session of drinks and food to warm everyone up for the festivities of the night. This is truly a festival for all!



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