It’s called The Open not the out in the open. Here’s how to bring your Netflix binge game to golf’s premier event.

So, it’s that time of year again, where the best in the business battle for the illustrious Claret Jug! This year is definitely one to tune in to, especially if Rory Mcllroy’s build-up (non)charm offensive is anything to go by. He's already refused to play in the Rio Olympics, and said he could get away with doping; so take a seat, it’s gonna be a wild ride. Here’s how to get through..

1. FOOD - Delivery sites

  Pic: Vivian Evans (

Pic: Vivian Evans (

What would a weekend of sports be without that 18” sloppy pepperoni slathered all over your shirt? Keep firmly attached to the sofa while a lovely bunch of guys whip you up a great, authentic tasting meal! Try: @Deliveroo, @Just Eat, @Hungry House, @Quiqup & @Jinn.

2. CHAIR - Not just a good, but the BEST chair your property offers.

  Pic: (

Pic: (

Here’s a tricky one. You must scout your house for the most comfortable chair, it must have arm rests and you must be able to set up a cup of tea on either arm (preferably right). It must also cushion you correctly. You may think this is excessive but prepare to sit for four days non-stop once the first golfer tees off.


  Pic:    Toshiyuki IMAI    (

Pic: Toshiyuki IMAI (

It’s all good and well having your pizzas and your curries, but what happens when you get the formidable ‘sweet tooth’? Or when you’re just about tiptoeing on the verge of being peckish? Do you order again? NO! You grab a handful of those gorgeous Tangfastics and thank the day that golf was invented.

 4.  TOILET BREAK - Save yourself a trip to the bathroom…

  Pic: Travel John (

Pic: Travel John (

TRAVEL JOHN, COMING TO A SHOP NEAR YOU! Not really, these have been out since 2007! Bet you didn’t know that. These bad boys come in packs of 3 and hey, the packs pretty self explanatory, huh?

5. Internet access

  Pic:    Julian Burgess    (

Pic: Julian Burgess (

So what fun would there be in watching The Open 2016 if you couldn’t let out your golf rant on all of your 100 social media followers (yeah, you’re one of the popular ones)? Make sure you stay in the loop by keeping your favourite device at hand, because you never know when a tantrum is about to kick up.


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