Top 5 Welsh things to do this week.

Call yourself Welsh, huh? That’s what they’re all claiming after Euro2016. If you are truly of Welsh stock then you’ll definitely be attending one of these events this week, yeah?

1. Gower festival

What is it? We’ve already covered this one in a blog post. A great family friendly festival, full of heritage and art.

Where is it? At over 14 venues in the Swansea bay area

When is it? 1st-16th July

Want more info?: and @Gower Festival

2. Llangollen Fringe

  Pic: Llangollen Fringe Logo    (

Pic: Llangollen Fringe Logo (

What is it?  A music festival, with a small following, 20 homegrown acts and 19 years of heritage.

Where is it? The heart of Llangollen, on Castle street.

When is it? 14th-21st July

Want more info?: and @llangollenfring

3. Summer 16’ BBQ Jam

  Pic: Summer 16 BBQ Jam (

Pic: Summer 16 BBQ Jam (

What is it? You ready for some urban? Get ready for hip-hop, RnB, bashment, garage, grime, house and a couple old skool hits from some of the best DJ'S the South of Wales Urban Scene has to offer.

Where is it? Newport, Wales

When is it? 16th-17th July

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4. International Snowdon Race

  Pic: Daily Post (

Pic: Daily Post (

What is it? One of Europe’s toughest endurance challenges, the 10-mile race. Running to the highest summit in Wales and back down.

Where is it? Llanberis, Wales

When is it? 16th July

Want more info?: and @SnowdonRace

5. Conwy River Festival

  Pic: Conwy River Festival (

Pic: Conwy River Festival (

What is it? Top premier yacht racing and social event in North Wales!

Where is it? Conwy River, Wales

When is it? 17th-23rd July

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