Why should you be at Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular (Cork) this summer?

1.It’s free!

  Pic: Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular (http://www.cityspectacular.com/)

Pic: Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular (http://www.cityspectacular.com/)

Who doesn’t like a freebie? Thought you would. So hows about Ireland’s biggest free festival? Knew you would. Enjoy up to and over 300 spectacular shows, workshops and activities with another quarter of a million (yes, they do get that many people) Irish residents! This is set to be one of ‘the events of the year’ for all ages! 2.The food!

2.The food!

  Pic: Just Eat Street (http://www.cityspectacular.com/cork)

Pic: Just Eat Street (http://www.cityspectacular.com/cork)

Street food has become a staple of foodie culture. The sheer variety of options, and tastes, all in one place! What more could you want? City Spectacular have also partnered up with Just Eat to introduce the ‘Just Eat Street’ where you can sample 15 of the best cuisines Just Eat has to offer.

3.The drink!

 Pic: Drinks  (http://bit.ly/29PC9Be)

Pic: Drinks (http://bit.ly/29PC9Be)

We all plan to have a weekend of the demon drink every now and again, but this is a food & DRINK festival, so good luck with that. Just tell yourself you’re drinking for the taste, and we’re sure you’ll be set.

4.The entertainment!

  Pic: Doktor Kaboom! (   http://www.cityspectacular.com/cork   )

Look out for the ‘ESB Spark Your Imagination’ area, where you and the family can catch the weird but wonderful Doktor Kaboom! Alongside loads of French wooden toys we predict this’ll be the go-to area, so get there quickly.

5.The music!

  Pic: Homepage (http://cityspectacular.com/locations-schedule)

Pic: Homepage (http://cityspectacular.com/locations-schedule)

With over three different stages packed with 22 different artists it would be hard not to find something you enjoy. Be enthralled by everything from urban street performers all the way to music and circus performances, all from midday!



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