Top 5 Irish things to do this week!


  Pic: Longitude Festival (

Pic: Longitude Festival (

What is it?  Sister to internationally known festival Latitude. 3 days of the newest and hottest artists on the scene.

Where is it? Marley Park, Dublin

When is it? 17th-19th July

Want more info?: Want more info?: and @longitudefest

2.Sligo Jazz Festival

  Pic: Sligo Jazz Project (

Pic: Sligo Jazz Project (

What is it? A ‘delightful, colourful week, full of character, classless, ageless. Bounding with joy and spirit and good humour’. Something quite special for a music project, as you can see.

Where is it? Sligo, Ireland

When is it? 19th-23rd July


Want more info?: and @sligojazz


  Pic: Dublin Concerts (

Pic: Dublin Concerts (

What is it? A traditional music festival with a twist. This festival brings together some of the best traditional irish musicians with some of the hottest bands in the UK. Their tagline ‘Music that shivers your skin’ is one that is very enticing...

Where is it? Blessington Lakes, Wicklow

When is it? 22nd-24th July

Want more info?: and @knockanstockan

4.Boyle Arts Festival

  Pic: Boyle Arts Festival

Pic: Boyle Arts Festival

What is it? A festival with an extremely significant reputation in Ireland. This gem has a strong emphasis on small, intimate events, rather than one large venue. They also concentrate on locating the most historical and architecturally interesting buildings Ireland has to offer

Where is it? Boyle, Roscommon

When is it? 21st-31st July

Want more info?: and @BoyleArts

5.Mary From Dungloe International Festival

   Pic: Mary From Dungloe (

Pic: Mary From Dungloe (

What is it? Some wonder, who’s Mary and where’s Dungloe? Well, fear not as the end of those days is nigh. Now this is one of the most interesting names for a festival we have ever come across however we assure you that this is a community event that you shouldn’t miss! (it’s basically a beauty pageant)

Where is it? Dungloe, Donegal

When is it? 23rd-1st July

Want more info?: and @MaryFromDungloeFestival



Don’t say that we don’t sort your week out ;)

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