5 events you can’t miss this week, Ireland.

1.Galway Races

  Pic: Galway Races (http://bit.ly/2a7t9Ct)

Pic: Galway Races (http://bit.ly/2a7t9Ct)

What is it? Racing festival highlighting varied themes daily including ‘Ladies day’ and ‘Mad Hatter day’. This is one of the best places in Ireland to watch performances in-between racing events, so it’s definitely one for the whole family!

Where is it? Galway, Ireland

When is it? 25th-31st July

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/2anaCpM and @Galway_Races


2.BeatlesFest on the Lough

  Pic: Donegal Gathering (   http://bit.ly/2anaV46   )

Pic: Donegal Gathering (http://bit.ly/2anaV46)

What is it? An annual remembrance of one of the greatest bands to ever descend from our shores, The Beatles! Experience reenactments of chart smashing tunes such as ‘Don’t let me down’ and ‘Hey Jude’!

Where is it? Donegal, Ireland

When is it? 28th-31st July

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/2anaV46 and @donegalgatherin


3.Farney Music Festival

  Pic: Farney Music Festival (  http://bit.ly/2akw3XD)

Pic: Farney Music Festival (http://bit.ly/2akw3XD)

What is it? On Augusts bank holiday why not experience 3 days of live music from some of Ireland's best

artists as they headline 3 different days! Performances from Ireland’s leading musicians such as Nathan carter, Ireland's leading Country singer, is sure to make this festival lit!

Where is it? Farney County, Ireland

When is it? 30th-1st August

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/2abwgNs and @farneymusicfest



  Pic: Music Scene (http://bit.ly/2aof6ya)

Pic: Music Scene (http://bit.ly/2aof6ya)

What is it? Award winning festival which is considered one of the best in Europe.  The festival features a wide variety of artists as well as comedy, spoken word, a small cinema and other attractions so you will find it hard to get bored...unless you’re boring!

Where is it? Mitchelstown, Kirk

When is it? 31st-2nd August

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/1IMSIrx and @Indie_pendence


5.Open House Festival

  Pic: Belfast Times (http://bit.ly/2aofnkL)

Pic: Belfast Times (http://bit.ly/2aofnkL)

What is it? This is one of Ireland's most loved music festivals! Bringing 20,000 people together annually means that this festival is truly international! But, it doesn’t just stop there...enjoy arts and performances from some of the best in the world! A month of pure fun!

Where is it? Belfast, Ireland

When is it? 1st-31st August

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/2arqLfr and @openhousefest


Don’t say that we don’t sort your week out ;)

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