5 events you can’t miss this week, Wales.

1.The National Eisteddfod of Wales

  Pic: Wales Online (   http://bit.ly/2ar4BtD   )

Pic: Wales Online (http://bit.ly/2ar4BtD)

What is it? Traditionally a competition based event this festival attracts over 150,000 visitors during the first week of August. This festival spans from the north all the way to the south of Wales boasting over 250 pop-up stalls!

Where is it? Anglesey, Wales

When is it? 29th July-6th August

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/2a78Tkw and @eisteddfod

2.The Big Cheese Festival

  Pic: Visit Caerphilly (http://bit.ly/2amyMkc)

Pic: Visit Caerphilly (http://bit.ly/2amyMkc)

What is it? A community event situated in the heart of Caerphilly at a historic castle. One for the family as you get to experience Welsh heritage from its own land..and all for free..

Where is it? Caerphilly, Wales

When is it? 29th-31st July

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/2amyMkc and @Visitcaerphilly

3.Llandudno Jazz

  Pic: Patrick Hamburg (   http://bit.ly/2aF6HCM   )

Pic: Patrick Hamburg (http://bit.ly/2aF6HCM)

What is it? Considered a ‘haven’ for modern Jazz connoisseurs, this festival packs in over 20 acts in a weekend! The festival is planned so it turns out to be suitable for all! Tickets start from £25!

Where is it? Bodafon Farm Park, Wales

When is it? 29th-31st July

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/1BIwsay and @CalonPromotions

4.Maes B

  Pic: Maes B (http://bit.ly/2a7dgf9)

Pic: Maes B (http://bit.ly/2a7dgf9)

What is it? Experience some of the most popular performers in the whole of Wales perform in one place! Welsh pop’s top acts all descend to Monmouthshire and District to have a hand in this wonderful festival!

Where is it? Monmouthshire and District, Wales

When is it? 30th-6th August

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/2a7dgf9 and @maes_b

5.Royal Welsh Show

  P ic: Daily Post (http://bit.ly/1qxOaNH)

Pic: Daily Post (http://bit.ly/1qxOaNH)

What is it? This is one of the largest farmers festivals in the whole of Wales! Get a peek at welsh culture through trying different foods and drinks but also inspecting some of Wales best livestock!

Where is it? Llanelwedd, Wales

When is it? 18th-23rd August

Want more info?: http://bit.ly/1HDjSyr and @royalwelshshow

Don’t say that we don’t sort your week out ;)

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