Top 5 Events You Just Can't Miss This Week, Scotland

1. Pride Of Paisley

  Pic: Glow Scotland Blog (

Pic: Glow Scotland Blog (

What is it? This is part of Paisleys ‘summer fun’ campaign where the town will concentrate on extended and more events for everyone to take part in during the summer weeks. You can also take part in the ‘Lions Trail’ where 25 painted Lion will be set up across the town and guess what.. most of these events are completely free of charge!

Where is it? Various locations, Paisley

When is it? 9th July - 25th September

Want more info?: and @prideofpaisley

2. African Drum Village

  Pic: Nyani Village (  )

Pic: Nyani Village (

What is it? An event showcasing the absolute best song and dance Africa has to offer! Join in with the drum beat as you let the tribal tune whisk you away into a mystical African wonderland, definitely one for the whole family! 

Where is it? Various locations, Scotland

When is it? 10th August - 14th August

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3. North West Bike Club Summer Rides

  Pic: North West Bike Club (

Pic: North West Bike Club (

What is it? A community event enabling lower income groups to be able to venture outside of the mits of their home towns and to be able to explore the country on a bike with tons of other warm and fun guests! An event for the family, and definitely not one to miss!

Where is it? Knightswood Academy, Glasgow

When is it? 2nd August - 9th August

Want more info?: and @northwestbikeclub

4. Edinburgh Fringe

  Pic: WikiMedia (

Pic: WikiMedia (

What is it? EDfringe is the largest arts festival in the world taking place on the streets of Edinburgh! The fringe encourages young and talented artists to get involved and perform, which is very unique from any other community system!

Where is it? High Street, Edinburgh

When is it? 5th August - 29th August

Want more info?: and @edfringe


5. Roller Disco

  Pic: Daily Record (

Pic: Daily Record (


What is it? Enjoy an evening of roller skates, disco nights, music and games suitable for the whole family (4+)! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s the first time you’ve put the damn things on, the roller instructors will ensure you a night of fun and music! Btw you don’t have to attend on the 12th as this event runs year long!

Where is it? Middlesex Street, Glasgow

When is it? 12th August

Want more info?: and @_RollerStop



Don’t say that we don’t sort your week out ;)

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