Brumoji Vote: Landmarks


Can’t decide what brummy landmark should be added to our new Brumoji app? Well don't fear, because we are here to help and make life a little easier! We've highlighted each of the landmarks in the vote with a view to help guide you through your hard decision...

Your contenders are...

1. The Thinktank

This gem opened back in 2001 as part of the Birmingham Museums Trust. The Thinktank museum is four floors of pure interactive activities and exhibition fun that's suitable for all ages (welcome news for those of us who still act feel like a big kid!). The different areas of the museum explore science and technology from the past, present and future. There's also a whopping 10 galleries spread out over the four floors. This landmark is a strong contender, but are you going to vote for it?

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery first opened in 1885, and has become a Grade II listed city-centre landmark building. There are over 40 galleries to explore, all of which showcase art linked to social history, archaeology or ethnography. Is this beautiful building your chosen landmark emoji-sticker? 

St. Philip’s Cathedral

St Phillip's is the the Cathedral all of all Cathedrals. It's a rare and fine example of ornate and elegant English architecture, found right in the middle of the bustling streets of Birmingham. Aside from being one of the oldest buildings in the city, it also holds some notable treasures like the remarkable set of stained-glass windows designed by artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones and memorials of notable people and events linked with the cathedral. Does St Phillip's Cathedral get your Brumoji vote?

Have your say and vote for your chosen landmark along here!