Fanmoji's take on Facebook's F8 developer conference and the future for Augmented Messaging

Fanmoji, Facebook F8 & Augmented Messaging

Facebook’s hotly anticipated F8 Developer conference took place last week, and with loads of exciting developments across various components of their platform. If there was one thing we took away from it - it was simply that the impact on Fanmoji’s future growth could be huge. Here’s our take on what they said, and what it means for us (and hopefully you too!), along with some industry takes and further reading if you wish to delve deeper.

Facebook mentioned a whole host of features from Chat Extensions (allowing closer / smoother integration with Messenger - great for us) to Camera Effects (Augmented Reality / AR) and Spaces (Virtual Reality / VR).

They’re building a set of tools that have a heavy focus on Messaging and increasing personal sharing. Messenger remains at the core of this.

It seems as though, for the first time, Facebook is truly opening its platform to third-party developers, with an opportunity for these companies to yield real commercial return for their participation in this vast and amazing journey which will be shared by 2 billion users.

As a leader in augmented messaging, with existing ties with platforms such as Apple’s iMessage, the F8 announcement is an exciting moment in the life of Fanmoji. We’ve already devised how existing and new products and apps could fit into Facebook’s future, and connected with Facebook teams for implementation planning.


The business opportunity for Fanmoji:

  • Monetise existing and future augmented messaging assets, expanding use and creating a truly frictionless experience for a 2 Bn customer-base worldwide
  • Integrating Fanmoji assets into Messenger (in the short term) and the new AR/VR platforms built by Facebook (longer term)

  • Monetisation will result from the traditional Fanmoji model (freemium with IAPs - short term implementation) as well as with brand partnerships, all part of Fanmoji’s roadmap for the coming 12 months

  • The growing slate of IP owners partnering with Fanmoji will benefit greatly from the integration into the Facebook platform, in terms of reach and very importantly, in terms of enhanced assets created, published and managed by Fanmoji

  • Alongside the existing iMessage integration, and in parallel with other conversations we cannot reveal right now, the Facebook integration will further establish Fanmoji as the publisher of choice for IP owners and fans alike


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