Top 3 Events In The UK This Weekend!

Every week we get asked that question..."What you up to this weekend" to which we respond..."dunno". Well my friends you can turn that dunno into an I KNOW with our top events around the UK.

1. The London Coffee Fest

This weekend London gets a whole host of caffeinated fun with the London Coffee Fest coming to Brick lanes Old Truman Brewery! The festival runs for four days from 6-9th April, now that’s a lot of coffee to be tried and tasted.

Coffee lover will be living the dream at this festival; they even got you covered on tasty street food snacks, even more reason to buy a cup of coffee to wash it down with ay? 

No tickets required just turn up and enjoy!

2. RHS Flower Show Cardiff

Cardiff get ready for the RHS flower show! Gardening season is upon us, so where better to brush up your skills and see some beautiful flowers than RHS’s first major outdoors show of the year. Three days of plant based fun, what more could you ask for! It’s also in Bute Park so why not make a day of it, can always check out Cardiff castle while you’re there too!

Runs from 7-9th April and you can get your tickets from here

3. Head to the beach

We know it’s not technically an event but how often do we see Mr Sunshine on the weekend? Meant to be a right scorcher this weekend so why not get out and about, head to the nearest beach…a pond will even do and enjoy the sun! Take a picnic, portable BBQ and some booze…Lovely jubbly. The weather will continue to be brilliant with temperatures of 23C expected on Sunday, so don’t forget the sunscreen or we’ll all look like twats on Monday.