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Edinburgh and Glasgow, two separate cities, two separate identities, so very different in so many ways. But, undeniably similar in the size of the contribution they make to Scotland, to the UK to Europe, through their amazing landmarks, culture, characters and identity.

Such is their diverse persona they can’t really be adequately chronicled in one single set of emoji-stickers can they? No! So, what better way to capture their brilliance than in two new Apps from the guys at Fanmoji, released on the same day! That’s right, Edinmoji and Glasmoji are on their way!

But these are your cities, and you deserved a say in what makes the Apps’ first release. We had 95% of the emoji-stickers ready, and asked you guys to have the final say with a vote for the last few locations, phrases and people that should make the first release of the app!

The vote has now closed! Thanks for voting. Look out for the Glasmoji and Edinmoji App landing in December! 

The winners are below:

Glasgow Results:

Edinburgh Results: