Ireland. The Emerald Isle. The birthplace of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Guinness. Inventors of Gaelic football and Hurling (okay you know all this). The 9th ranked country on the Press Freedom Index (bet you didn’t know that one though). The country has much to celebrate. It deserves more than one tiny little emoji flag, doesn’t it?

People of Ireland, we at Fanmoji have got your back. We are here to undo that wrong. We’re here to bring you a whole keyboard app packed full of 100 emoji stickers for Ireland. We call it Irishmoji (obviously!)

But this is where we need you! We’ve got 95% of the emoji stickers ready, but now we want you guys to have the final say. Vote for the final few locations, phrases and people that should make the first release of the app!

The Irishmoji poll has now closed! Check out who won below. Thanks for voting!

The App is on its way! Watch this space (or the space on the App Store really).