UPDATE! The Londonmoji app is now available to download.

Over 100+ London emojis, including Sadiq Khan, the Shard, London banter, Shoreditch hipsters and The Globe, are available to download via iPhone and Android.  

iOS: http://buff.ly/2aRCN15 
Android: http://buff.ly/2aRCWkM


London! Londinium! The capital of a nation it’s only vaguely interested in being associated with following recent political events.

You survived the plague, the Great Fire and Boris Johnson. It’s a special place that deserves to be celebrated for its landmarks, food, phrases, people and sport!

How better to celebrate that unique London brilliance than with Londonmoji, a new App from us, the guys at Fanmoji, packed full of 100+ emoji stickers of those very landmarks, phrases, food and famous faces?

But this is your City, and you deserve a say in what makes the App’s first release. So, we’re gonna hold a vote (yes another bloody one, but one you can take part in from your computer or mobile, you know, like it is actually 2016).

We’ve got 95% of the emoji stickers ready, but now we want you guys to have the final say. Vote for the final few locations, phrases and people that should make the first release of the app!

The poll has now closed! Check out the results below to see the winners and losers! The app will hit the App Store soon!