Manchester la, la, la, la - the centre of the football world, the birthplace of the Smiths, the Stone Roses and Oasis. Home to some pretty fine Christmas markets and, as we saw once again last week, rain magnet.

How better to celebrate that modern day cultural significance, and historical importance, than with Mancmoji, a new App packed full of 100 emoji-stickers of landmarks, phrases, food and famous faces?

But this is your City, and you deserve a say in what makes the App’s first release. So, we’re gonna hold a vote to let you have your say.

We’ve got 95% of the emoji-stickers ready, but now we want you guys to have the final say. Vote for the final few locations, phrases and people that should make the first release of the app!

The vote has now closed! Thanks for voting. Look out for the Mancmoji App landing in October. 

The winners are below: