People of Scotland, we at Fanmoji have got your back. We are here to undo a wrong. The wrong that is the lack of Scottish emoji flag!

Rather than wait for Apple and the rest to get their act together, we’ve put together a whole keyboard app packed full of 100 emoji stickers for Scotland. We call it Scotmoji!

But this is where we need you! We’ve got 95% of the emoji stickers ready, but now we want you guys to have the final say. Vote for the final few locations, phrases and people that should make the first release of the app!

The poll will be open until 13th March, and the app will be released approximately two weeks after that.

Vote for your favourite in each category, the winner in each will be included in the first Scotmoji release.

The poll has now closed! Thanks for all your votes. The winners are listed below.